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I Get Most Work Done On My Phone

Your hosts discuss the primary computer for most people: their phones.

The Video Production Can Of Worms

This week, Alex shows Matthew how little he knows about video production.

I Have Control Issues

Alex and Matthew discuss the disappearance of Control Center – and how it overlaps with Shortcuts.

The Case of the Last Case

Alex and Matthew reflect on the month’s Apple-related news, giving the hot takes some room and seeing how we’re feeling after some extra context. Plus, there’s a celebrity appearance.

There Are Many Like It, But This Home Screen Is Mine

Alex and Matthew cover how they make sense out of a mess of apps.

I Want To Play On Easy Mode

This week, Matthew interviews Alex about how she gets work done at Cards Against Humanity. Plus Alex has a… great magic trick at the end.

Oh, Anyway. Computers!

Alex and Matthew talk about Google Home Hub, yearly themes, and our pitch.

Behind The Cute Curtain

Matthew and Alex talk about going from beginner shortcuts to the next level with the “If” scripting action, plus how this all could be a bit easier.

Consumers and Their Fragile Minds

Matthew and Alex are here for the New Apple.


This week, Matthew and Alex explore some of their holiday experiments, as well as how to value your time as much as you value your computer.

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